Virtual Care

    Connect your employees to an online network of pharmacists*, dietitians, nurses, and nurse practitioners who are available to address everyday health questions, prescription requests or renewals, testing or specialist referrals, and other non-urgent healthcare needs.

    Anytime, anywhere access

    Quick, easy access to licensed healthcare professionals through chat, video, or phone consultations means your employees can get help without leaving their home or office. The peace of mind and increased productivity this brings benefits employees and employers alike.

    Virtual Care benefits

    Empower your employees to be proactive about their health and boost their productivity.

    More than half of Canadian employees surveyed said they would use virtual care if it were offered through their employee group health benefit provider.1

    • Helps curb employee absenteeism

    • Secure platform for chat, video, and phone consultations

    • Affordable care packages

    • Resolve health issues quickly and cost-effectively

    Addressing healthcare needs

    Minor ailments

    Allergies, cold and flu, upset stomach, skin concerns, joint and muscle pain, heartburn and fever.


    Information on dosing, side effects, drug interactions, and prescription renewals.

    Lifestyle advice

    Diet and nutrition, smoking cessation, family planning, exercise, sleep, lactose/gluten intolerance, and more.

    Referrals & requisitions

    Physician referrals, specialist referrals, lab requisitions, and diagnostic testing requisitions.

    Sick notes & forms

    Sick notes, completion of select forms including paperwork for salary continuance processes.


    Peace of mind when it comes to common, non-urgent health questions and concerns.

    How it works


    Employees register easily online via a secure website on mobile or desktop.


    Book a video consultation, secure text message, or phone call.


    Chat live or book an appointment with a Shoppers Drug Mart® nurse, dietitian, or pharmacist*.

    Virtual Care can benefit your organization

    Virtual Care empowers employees to be proactive about their health and boost their productivity. It can help curb employee absenteeism and time off work, while providing an affordable and meaningful additional benefit to employees. Add Virtual Care today and get your employees the support that they deserve.

    Get Virtual Care


    1. Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. internal analysis.


    *In Quebec any pharmacist consultation will be the responsibility of the pharmacist-owner chosen by the user.